Most Important Skills That Every Cook Should Know

There is a lot to learn when you are becoming a professional chef or just learning to become a cook out of hobby or passion. However, there are a few very important skills that a cook is absolutely nothing without. These fundamental skills are taught in professional cooking classes as the most important techniques.

Basic knife skills and chopping an onion

Onions might make you cry but they are your recipe’s best friends. Cutting and chopping them can be tricky because of multiple layers. Professional cooking courses teach you various techniques of chopping and cutting onions of various kinds. Basic knife skills can eliminate your prep time to half.

How to melt chocolate

If you are becoming a dessert chef or a pastry chef then this technique should top the list of things that you are going to learn in cooking classes. You can’t just put a bar of chocolate in the microwave and expect it to melt when it comes out. It’s tricky as it requires moisture and indirect heat to melt.

How to stuff whole chicken

Remember, whole chicken is quite tricky as compared to chicken pieces. You need to stuff the spices and ingredients inside in order to give the right balanced flavour to the chicken. Cooking courses not only teach you how to skin a chicken but also how to properly stuff it so it’s completely covered with flavour.

How to knead dough

Dough can be required for pizzas, pastries and what not. Sometimes the recipe requires it to be thin and sometimes it has to be set aside for hours. Learn the true methods of kneading dough through cooking classes so you never have to do it twice simply because you were wrong in the first attempt.

How to make salad dressing

Who likes their greens? The only way they are a bit bearable is due to the delicious salad dressing. If you learn the art of combing things and making amazing dressings, you will be the most sorted after cook within the area.

How to stay safe

Working in the kitchen you are exposed to heat and sharp equipment. Your first priority should be to seek skills with which you can ensure your safety while working. Professional cooking courses can teach you everything to keep you safe during work especially in a commercial kitchen.